[0.8-2137-g827b56c] Invincible zombie master

Windows 7.

So basically its a very recent experimental. I found my first zombie master, and it seems I can damage it, but the damage doesnt register. So I hit if for xx damage but when I check its still uninjured. Tried both melee and firearms, did 104 damage headshot to it with a shotgun and still coming up as uninjured.

Other than that everything seems sweet, eating melons, drinking chardy. Colours of zombies have changed but im assuming thats a feature rather than a bug.

Edit: So I took him down by smashing up a door, stepping back and lighting a fire under the masters feet when he stepped on the wood, then unloading a pistol into his head. Tried it with a towel and he took damage to lightly wounded from shooting/fire (not sure which) then regened to uninjured. He did also regen when I first lit the door fire under him and took a shot, then stopped and I was able to hammer him down after that.

I’ve got a PR up to fix it.


Though I felt like id just killed the terminator when I put it down :slight_smile: