[0.8 stable] guns can't generate damaged corpses?

I was a bit surprised to find that shotgunning a zombie in the head for 361 damage generated a mint-condition body that could resurrect after a few hours. Are there any plans to add the chance to auto-damage the corpses of monsters hit with high damage hits from ranged weapons? No big deal, of course; it just felt a little bit counter-intuitive.

It should already be in, though its possible it’s just badly balanced at the moment. We’ll take a look at it.

If it’s in the experimental that would explain it. I tried that but found it a little bit too cutting edge for me. Thanks :slight_smile:

This seems odd. I play the 0.8 stable release (I never play the experimentals) and have received a pulped corpse every time I used a firearm on a zed at point-blank range, though I did so with the RM99 Revolver for ~243ish damage per headshot.

EDIT: I believe this belongs on the Bug Reports forum board, BTW.