Are there Gods in the game?

Recently been playing DCSS and enjoyed the blessing and gods system of the game. I was wondering if there are similar features in CDDA.

Nop, maybe someone could make a mod with gods, but there’s none in vanilla.

These are the time that i wished i had the mental capability to code.

The game seems to be a realystic Sci-Fi. Gods and other kinds of magic more suitable to be a Magyclysm mod content

Yeah that’s what I thought too

The closed thing too a god is the blob. But it is more similar too a force of nature than its own entity like a god.

I would define a deity as something with very unusual (in terms of might) and maybe also supernatural powers. Since the blob will actually claim your body when you die (insert something something afterlife here), it comes very close to a traditional deity. The blob is everywhere and since it reached global groundwater saturation, you are never out of reach. Yes, there was some discussion about potential lore inconsistencies why the blob actually does not impact the player as much in terms of blob psychosis and becoming feral and such.

However, there were some mentions of the blob sending lieutenants to earth, which I would consider to be extremely powerful beings to speed up the blobs world domination.

Thus, actually surrendering to the blob and becoming a sentient servant (you might need to prove you are more useful with your sentience intact) might be pretty interesting, especially if you can become one of its lieutenants, too. Maybe you could even call those high priests.

In contrast, the Mycus does not really have a “clear” hierachy and looks more like a bee hive. Even if it is more or less an actual religion. The Mycus must grow. Join us in our marloss pilgrimage.

The blob has the power of a Lovecraftian deity, and about as much interest in humans as them. It doesn’t care about efficiency as it gets where it want to go with brute force and time (which it has effectively infinite amounts of), so any offer to join it would be ignored (apart from you being unable to gain its attention): you’ll serve it sooner or later anyway in one capacity or another.

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The Pine God provides.

The only god my character prays to is the RNG (Random Numbers God), but it is a capricious god.

My character’s religion is expressed via the shirts you wear. Microsoft shirts give you +2 to hit - that is, if you see someone wearing one you get +2 to hit them - OK, you want a +2 to hit them. Linux shirts of the Wrong Distribution (LWDs) give you +1 to want to hit. The best though are all the alternative religions out there. For example, an initiate of either ubuntu or kde, upon seeing a kubuntu shirt merely experiences momentary confusion. It’s much like being stunned, but the effect is temporary, ceasing completely as soon as the confusing shirt has been disassembled, cut up, burned, run over by a car, or otherwise exits the character’s personal reality bubble.

And then there are the mythical apple shirts. They render the wearer invisible and completely unable to interact with others. There is a rumor they can interact with each other, but there is no way to know for sure. Nobody can come back to tell, because apparently the shirts are tagged as ununwearable. There is lore of a powerful apple priest who left the the religion, hoping to give us all the NeXT big thing, but in the end, just brought Doom to us all, returned to apple, and was never heard from again. How do we know this is all true? Go into the debug menu, and you won’t find any way to remove an apple shirt!

… Now, why was I here again? Oh, yeah, seeking answers to yet another mystery of the universe, how to turn synthetic fabric sheets into synthetic fabric. Wow. I have WAY too much time on my hands.


Immortal cultivation, reincarnation, base breaking, alchemy…lol

Don´t know if you where looking for a complete list of ways too achieve enlichtenment/power in the cataclysm nor if you asked for it but here it is anyway. Becease I spent far too much time writing this.

The paths to power in the cataclysm are many and varied with some more potent than others.

Reincarnation is one if you have the patience too accumilate experience between runs.

Base breaking is possible if you use statesthroughskills and statesthroughkills.

Alchemy is definitly a option. Although you might not be able to turn gold into lead (usefull as that might be) you can cook up explosives and make stuff to ward off disease. (thank the taoists for blackpowder)

Immortal cultivation and the transendence of reality is only possible if one uses the debug menu upon which you will access the powers fo a god.

Other paths are:

Magic might and the arcane enlightenment if you use magicalism.

Mastery of combat. One who reaches 10 in combat skills is halve way to demi-god status.

Mastering the way of the craftsman allows one to make skin (armour) that can ward off all but the fiercest of blows, bullets, acid, the unseen force of radiation and even lightling itself, It also allows for the making of powerfull weapons that although neither mystical or magical are non the less very effective. And it can grant one the ability to take down any unarmoured oppont in an instant form affar (bowswith insane crit damage) and boomsticks that will damage even the most resiliant of opponents (muskets can punch through even a skeletal juggernauts armour). Or to construct your own minnions to fight for you (robots).

Power might also be gained from other beings. The former scientists found a way too gain power from the blob through mutations even though both parties wheren´t aware of it. But beware for this is a risky path leaving you potentially crippled or even dead. Although great power might lay at one of the many ends of this path every end comes with its own price and will always require a portion of your humanity.

Power might also be gained from the mushroom but in addition too paying a portion of your humanity you also become subserviant and dependent on it for sustainence (which it will provide). I as the wise master advise you burn/murerder/gas with fungacide it. Than turn it´s berries into wine and butcher it so that it still provides you with sustainence. This way it still provides sustainence for you without you paying any price.

Another power can be bargained for. Not with the blob or fungus/lunch but with other humans from different dimentions. They have found a way to fuse with technology in the form of CBM´s. Trensending into cyborgs. This power can be gained from them if you prove usefull/worthy too them and bargain for it with them. This path is however mutually exclusive with mutation so think carefully about who to bargain with.

Exploration can grant power. Sometimes as powerfull as any other path. One will find powerfull artifects of the lost civilazation from before the cataclysm. Boomsticks that can bring down any enemy on mather how armoured (50cal gun). Armour that can wtihstand almost anything (powerarmour). and books that speed up the aquisition of enlightenment(skills) and contain the secrets to ways of fighting(martial arts).

Artifect can also grand great power. But beware this path is the least thread and the least well known for it is also the most difficult. This is the path with the highest chance of failure but also the highest potential power gain. (Artifect hunting just takes a long time, with most artifects ranging from slightly usefull to useless/not woth it. Others are protentially crippling or outright lethal on thier own and you might find only a very few in all of your playthrought that are outright broken/OP)

The last power is the power of friendship. Although your fellow humans (NPC´s) are a pain with only moderatly higher IQ than the zombies, to manage right now. You should not underestimate the combat potential a horde of well armed, trained and equiped followers has. Just make sure to NEVER EVER give them explosives if you value your own live.


Wow, thank you for writing so many words to share your ideas😘

Did you ever… find the answer to this? I’m going to guess based on Chezzo that there is no recipe converting from one to the other in the current experimental, I’m just hoping I’m reading it incorrectly. I just spent nine hours disassembling a backpack so I could reinforce another backpack and all it gave me are sheets that I can’t use with the needle.

I always figured all the clothing in cathedral pews was because the people inside got raptured? Or am I missing something there?

That’s the joke, but it’s a joke.


Serious: These gods/goddesses could be Eldritch entities peeking in through the portals. Unaging, undying, very bored, and extremely powerful. Seeking an end to their boredom they decided to play a game using the entire world as a game board. Survivors can worship them for favor. These godly beings may demand sacrifices or simple tributes.

Survivors favored by these “God/Goddesses” may receive “Divine” or “Demonic” items or perhaps some other kinds of otherworldly benefits. Those who turn their backs on one such entity or failed a divine task might face terrible tribulations. Or perhaps they might give the player a second chance in their all encompassing mercy.

Different God/Goddesses have different personalities which the player learns over time or through interactions with them. They have likes and dislikes.

Joke: Sephiroth is one of these Gods and pissing him off makes the game play the One Winged Angel Theme. He then summons Meteor or Supernova which obliterates the world.

With the talk of portal storm and bargaining with nether creatures the possibility of coming in contact with a god like being isn´t to far fetched.

The main villain of the game is literally Jiyva from DCSS. Exodii are Zin bois, shrooms are Fedhas, plants are Chei, and Hub 02 really tries to do the TSO thing.