Are Islands Possible?

Is it possible to make lakes/rivers big enough that there could be islands in the middle of them? And corresponding docks/ferries or whatever on the mainland that have boats you could drive there?

I guess you would have to mess with the world gen and overmap code, but I don’t know how to do that, much less if it would even be possible. Anyone have any practical ideas on how to make it happen?

It’s possible, to avoid crowding out everything else we need more code that handles large scale map features, it’s pretty involved.

Possible though.

I mean whales, the original dev for Cataclysm intended the sequel to be based on an island, this as I’ve said before would make it easier for the world to have more of a story, simulate NPC actions, perhaps NPC squads gathering resources for settlements, and fun politics, territory wars, things that would make this game feel complete to me.

With a limited scope, less CPU cycles would be necessary, and you could choose an island size on worldgen that’s smaller on weaker machines.

He intended for this sort of thing to happen before his real life became too important.

It wouldn’t do anything of the sort, the hard part is coding that stuff at all, not making it work in a larger world.

I’ve had an island spawn. It contained a shipwreck, which I didn’t know was in the game. I proceeded to then get macerated by razorclaws.