Appalachian Squid Girl

This is my character Maddy Kane. This is only my second attempt at sketching her. Also an external gear loadout as well. Feel free to critique.


I like that she’s wearing what appears to be patchwork tentacle warmers. Also her hat.

Also, the ammunition mostly confuses me. It looks like they’re different calibers? What happens when a bear wanders into your living room and you’re fumbling for rounds?

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The ammunition is for a more conventional revolver she has in a holster fastened to her backside. As far as bears go she wouldn’t be sticking around

Oh, I actually meant the literal box of bullets in the top left.

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Oh that’s because I forgot to crop it out of the photo. I’m a lazy girl I need to organize my ammo

Ammo box was grainy lol i thought it was either .308 or .45

I like the outfit definitely. She looks ready to go on a looting trip.

It’s a combination of 22LR + 40 with a few flexshock rounds inside

As far as her primary weapon goes the Griswold is actually her primary pistol. All of her weapons are family heirlooms passed down from one generation to another so she’s been shooting the pistol since she was literally walking. The sword was her distant grandfather’s. But in the event that she needs to shoot quickly in large volume she does have a 9 mm Beretta M92 inside of a shoulder holster within her coat

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Right. It’s like the difference between a typical hunting rifle and a typical combat rifle. In combat rate of fire often matters and sometimes sustained rate of fire matters, so you use a high capacity magazine. In hunting, if you don’t hit with the first few shots, the target will usually be gone.

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556 won’t make a human sized target go away. It might…might…piss off a bear. Polar bears? you’re done either way. They are far faster than they look.