Anyone work on monster's limbs health system?

I hope someone is plan to make a monster’s limbs health, so when the player match some tougher enemy, they can try to cripple those enemy on some body part, make them fracture, or get cut out some part, so that will make them deal those enemy easily,

and the enemy may losing their special attack too, such like you cut off or make fracture on the zombie’s chin or mouth, so they will unable to bite you, shoot down the turret’s gun so that will make it stop shooting,

hope you guys enjoy it, I just came out this idea by watching mortal kombat X, I know those attacking moves won’t work on this game, but at least we can still make zombies get crippled by weapons or some deadly martial arts moves, don’t we?

While to my understanding this would require a major rewrite of the game’s combat engine, having some attacks disable enemy special attacks wouldn’t, and that’s where most of the threat of certain enemies comes from…

No, and we aren’t planning to. Probably the most we are ever going to do is allow you to just perform crippling strikes and whatnot, not target specific limbs, i.e. you could choose to perform a “stance strike” to knock someone over, or an “eye gouge” to blind them, but you wouldn’t actually be targeting their limbs.

Allowing actual limb targeting would involve a huge amount of work, would make modding things into the game more difficult, and would result in a lot more fairly useless menu clutter for the player without any real benefits over the system I outlined above.

Some monsters could probably use the NPC system someday.

Player body parts will have to change someday due to wings, size changes etc. and NPCs inherit all changes to player system.
So a monster could be just a permanently hostile, heavily mutated NPC.

Of course that’s a really long-term projection. NPCs at the moment don’t even understand how to dress up properly, let alone how to not charge zombie hordes.

It seems to me we’d get pretty much all the benefits we’re looking for by inflicting crippling effects on enemies with way less complexity than adding a limb system.

I don’t want to agree with that Kevin, but I know it’s true. I’ve been on a Dwarf Fortress Adventure Mode kick lately, and the most satisfying part is the combat. If there were a way to get that sort of combat in Cataclysm, I think we’d have a perfect game on our hands.

Just a note limbs to DF took like a half to a year to be implemented and had a lot of bugs for another half to a year after the release.

Hell, if the whole “arm_ok” story is correct, the limb system had been in development since the very beginning of the predecessor to Dwarf Fortress. o3o

Focus on the goal, not the implementation. We don’t need modelling of individual limbs in order to describe combat in an interesting way or to apply interesting effects from combat. If anything, all you need is a set of tags that state that monsters have certain traits (such as legs), and use those to decide if they are vulnerable to certain attacks (hamstringing, tripping, etc).