Target limbs idea

you know how to caan see what body part is damaged on you and your followers i had the idea that you should be able to target parts of zombies, fungalods, ect. like v.a.t.s

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I think, codewise, zombies (all monsters) are represented much more simplistically than npc’s. They don’t have separate pools for their limbs afaik, just one overall health pool. So there’s nothing to target. Special attacks that inflict status effects simulating limb damage…now that’s doable.

Limb targeting would be handy for NPC fights. I’d love to target the hands to disarm them, target legs to slow them down so I can pick them apart, etc…

If you want to see a Roguelike with a crazy limb implementation for both the player and enemies check out IVAN:

Warning: it is stupid hard

This has been covered a number of times, I’d be interested in implementing, “attack to cripple”, “attack to damage”, “attack to knockdown” etc, but I’m not interested in relating it to “targeting”.


I need these NPC’s to be my packmules, but they won’t cooperate and follow me. We need a way to ensure their cooperation…

  • “attack to lobotomize” - With his trusty ice pick, Dr. Scrambles traveled the wasteland, MAKING new friends wherever he went.