Attack options?

I am a fan of Dwarf Fortress. The thing I love the most in its incomplete adventure mode is that you can choose which part of your enemy’s body you want to attack. Sometimes I want the zombies to go blind so they cannot see me and sometimes I want to shoot them in their ankles or feet to slow them down. You can even shoot their weapons down. I dunno if it’s said before or not. Just want to know if it’s possible.

I was wondering about that as well.

I loved crippling enemies in fallout that way.

An idea that will most likely be added in, but first we would need to give enemies individual health pools for their different body parts (right now they are just one big pool).

Perhaps you can simplify it by making a bodypart require some fraction of their max HP in damage from a single hit to be disabled or crippled?

In pretty much every game that lets me, I aim for the legs.

Fallout NV/3? Shoot out their kneecaps.

Skyrim? Arrow to the kn- NO DAMMIT

Resident Evil 4? (AKA the only good one) Busta kneecap. etc.

This is simply because shooting people in the legs is fun! I want to be able to do this quite badly, actually. :3

I would love dwarf forts combat system in cata DDA.

Mainly because I could wrestle zombies thongs off with my ankles and choke them with a mininuke (active).

Yeah, CoD wishes it was this awesome.