Any mods/options that prevent "moving across ____ is slow"

are there any mods that stifle the “slowed” message from appearing message logs? I find it can really choke up “important” messages like hearing and status. while it might be important for beginners after a while it can become massively redundant and I can usually guess what tiles are slow by then.

Pretty sure there is currently no way to mod this. I found the messages around line 8920 in game.cpp; it will always print the messages if it detects that the player is “slowed”, which happens any time they move on to or off of terrain that has an increased movement cost. I’m sure there are ways that these messages could be made optional, but I don’t know if anybody actually wants to modify the code to do it. I agree that these messages are essentially just spam after a while, especially in situations like walking across an open field where every other tile is long grass.

I don’t recall the name offhand but there’s an option to collapse messages that are the same within the last several turns if you change this setting away from 0 to something like 10 or so most of these messages will be hidden.