A Message Scaring me


In my longest playthrough so far with my Mall cop paul I’ve recently received messages about the forest and would like to know what’s going on (this is scaring the shit out of me )
The first message was like this -the shifting of the forest leaves are much louder today
The second - Plants sway vigorously…by the wind
both were red

edit:anyone know what it is


Never encountered any of theese. Do you have any mods installed? Or has your character eaten any drugs? Or maybe its just devs messing with implementing new wind mechanics, i saw on github that there are wind turbines, sailboats and other things being worked on.


Interesting, when do those messages appear? Just randomly? Maybe you’ve gotten some mutations from the Plant line so it gives you mutation dreams?

If they come literally from nowhere I have no clue. Never encountered them.


If it’s from the wind mechanics it’s great how something meant to give info on the wind can sound so ominous within the atmosphere of the game !


Are you playing with the PoraComp mod? Red ominous messages kinda sound similar to the raid mechanic from this mod. First you get these messages, they get more frequent, and then an enemy horde (in your case probably triffids) comes right at you from nowhere.


yeah, it definitely sounds trifid related whatever it is, I was going to ask if there were any triffid groves near you, but a raid from a mod sounds more likely.


It must be from a mod, I don’t see it in the source code as of yesterday.


Yep I am playing with PoraComp and had no idea that was a thing thank you all for the help


Can confirm, sounds like the forest has… interesting plans for you in the future.
(Triffids gonna get you)


Just wanted to put this here the Triffids came and I survived through the virtue of a closed door and a lightning gun