Blob's "Answers" To Other Factions

Spoilers maybe? Possibly.

The Mychus and the Triffids hate each other, so it makes sense they’d know how to deal with one another in the field. The triffids have fungal fighters. The Mychus doesn’t really need a specific weapon, because the fungus is its own all-purpose weapon: they just fungus-ify everything they come in contact with. They don’t NEED to specialize. That’s their specialty.

However, the blob seems to get the short end of the stick when it comes to minions. The zombies evolve gradually to deal with other humans, but particularly versus the fungus they suffer greatly. Their answer to everything is “walk up and bash it to death”, even if they have ranged abilities. All their zeds get fungus-ified almost every time. I don’t see them coming on top versus the fungus almost ever, except in specific situations.

Versus the triffids it’s kind of a battle of who has the biggest minion, which the zeds USUALLY have, but I can’t imagine it’d take too much work for the triffids to create something specific. Tangles of roots or something that they can’t just brute force their way through and widdle down if they’re too big to outright kill.

What about the blob? They seem to be getting countered a lot. Survivors work it out, fungus work it out, triffids have the tools to work it out…

What are the plans for the blobs getting “answers” for the other factions once evolution proceeds to late game and the bigger picture becomes more important? Eventually it’s going to become a big territory war and I don’t know if the blob can hold its own against the other factions once they get a foothold in our world.


from a vanilla pov triffids and fungus are sideshows. triifids get the short end though, because marloss.

Now, fungus do have specialized weapons. blooms are countryside weapons while spires are good at penetrating cities without exposing themselves to zeds.

The issue i have with zeds is their universal infectivity. living humans are the only critter to not flip its lid and die/convert immediately when fungus sprinkles on them. im actually unsure how robots do but i dont note any specific resistance to it…

triffids got made and left. they carry a mild paralytic that is, i think, coded to do extra damage to funguses. Queens are a nice linebreaker, with hands down the strongest bash of the game. their dungeon in vanilla is weak and filled with noneranged attackers.
Lorewise fungus is enslaved as a tool by triffids and used to soften up worlds with fast flighty hunters and slow powerful biotanks. fungal fighters are explicitly used to combat fungus. a whole species is devoted to killing fungus.

blobs are supposed to be weak. most of them. the larger they get the stronger they get.

i.e. small blob -> blob -> large blob -> shoggoth

but most importantly they arent adaptable by themselves. by transforming fleshy matter they are capable of spsmecialized mtations. but, they are a horde faction. just being 1of 100 makes their individual mediocrity useful.

zombies have issues with fungus, fungus has issues with triffids, triffids have trouble against zombies.
charmander is weak to squirttle, squirttle is . . .

see? its macroscale. Whole worlds at a time are fought over in one theater. Earth is just one of many battlegrounds.

Somewhere in some dimension a race of minotaurs is being fought over by mycus, triffid, and blob. much scarier than squishy humans.

[quote=“pisskop, post:2, topic:11805”]zombies have issues with fungus, fungus has issues with triffids, triffids have trouble against zombies.
charmander is weak to squirttle, squirttle is . . .[/quote]
Rock paper scissors Spock lizard?

The blob probably wins out overall because of oceans, or conversely, because of a lack of them (depending on the planet.)

Water would be a huge limiting factor for Triffids (plants need to keep their roots wet as a rule), and the Fungals likely require a good deal of moisture as a step in their reproductive cycle (ignoring that the spores themselves are likely drought resistant.) On a desert world the blob may instead mutate along the lines of the skeletons, conserving water where most necessary, and doing without when it must.

However, while our oceans cover 70+% of the globe in water, there remains a problem it (and likely most oceans on comparable worlds) tend to concentrate a good deal of salts in them. This means you need specific adaptations to survive isotonic imbalance (ie: being dehydrated on a cellular level, while technically immersed in water.)

The blob is fantastic at adapting or developing new mutations, and at worst can simply steal the bodies and developments of already existing local lifeforms (which would logically be adapted to local water conditions.) The true war for our planet is not for the 25% above the surface, but beneath the waves, and there I predict the blob, having first infiltrated the groundwater before the collapse, has made great strides.

The Blob starting off by and far have the overwhelming advantage when it comes to numbers, given they can zombify most life on earth and are already well on their way to doing so with it’s dominant lifeform, humanity.

Zombies possess an incredible evolutionary ability that its likely they’ll just continue to evolve becoming deadlier and more specialized as time goes on, given the Blob has encountered the Mycus before, they could evolve types of fungal resistant and anti-fungal zombies in areas of conflict where it becomes an issue.

Yet unseen forms of Blob might also start to make an appearance once slime pits grow to the degree they run into factional opposition. Then again, much like with Zombies it’d simply become a numbers game of drowning the enemy in constantly reviving and splitting bodies/blobs.

It’s only a matter of time until the blob merges all life into a global oversoul and becomes a shoggoth-moon.

This thread scares me >.>

Dang. Worlds with oceans are fucked.

Do you think the Triffids will identify this and give up efforts to expand? The blob represents a war of attrition that they can’t win if they get dug in, and there’s no way to root them out in time. Not when they’re this deep into the world.

The fungus probably wouldn’t react no matter what, it’s just an infection spreading mindlessly. It’d try its best, even if it doesn’t have a chance.