Anthills and mobspawn

I’m creating a bugs expansion mod and noticed a problem: aphids and ladybugs (which should generally spawn near anthills) don’t spawn on the surface near an anthill, but instead spawn underground.

My solution (which didn’t work and caused this issue): I’ve listed ladybugs and aphids in the “GROUP_ANT” monstergroup. But as far as I noticed, it only affects underground athill dwellers.

How do I make them spawn only near the anthill and not inside it?

Here is a link to my mod, if you would need to check json coding. If you need any additional info, I’d be glad to provide it.

Platform : Windows_x64
Graphics : Tiles
Build number : #11581
Build version: 0.E-10395-g4525b4f
Major version: 0.E

The problem is that anthills are ugly, ugly hardcoded locations that use a hardcoded spawn of GROUP_ANT both above and below ground. But they also use a JSON-modifiable monster group in their overmap special definition, so the way you could game that is making a new GROUP_ANT_SURFACE, and replacing GROUP_ANT with it in data\json\overmap\overmap_specials\specials.json

Also, why add them as a mod instead of submitting them to the main project? More creepy crawlies are always welcome.

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Thanks for you answer, it was clear. The main reason I’ve made a mod and not a pull request was bugtesting. I’ll try to fix this problem and if everything works correct, I’ll submit a pull request.

Thank you very much. My beautiful aphids, antlions and ladybug no longer spawn underground, but there are plenty of them on the surface. I’m going to submit my mod to the main project.