[0.7] Wilderness's spawning


Wanted to talk about the spawning of wilderness mobs.
(no, not about zed)
As far as i can see they spawn only around us.

In my last save, 0.7 version, i have an anthill at (4east 12south square map) of my shelter; And while i was training myself at bow, i noticed just after that there is a LOT of ant, squirrel, bear, wolf spider, coyote, rabbit just out of my shelter.
When i say a lot, it’s like this :

I’v take the picture after moving a bit in the direction of the ant;

But it’s not the real problem (yeah, yeah).

Before i run in direction of the south (only a bit) they where tons of other mob around the shelter;
But just after they wasn’t in sight, they all disapeared.
No bear, no squirrel and no spider. Just the ant fallowing me. No more ant arround while i was running; and all the spawn in north/west was gone too (iv look before, they where a tons here too !)

the game was also really slowed down by the mobs (still playable, but save/sleep take ages); and even if i try to get rid of them, they respawn so much … and no talk about corpse everywhere !

So i can’t get rid of them, and they block spam of other mob (i wanted first to refill my bone needle …) and also myself (i don’t have enougth skill to get rid of them atm)

It’s freaking annoying, and it didn’t happened in first place, only after a few days.

I think my only solution atm is to find another place (but annoying without car to move my stuff)

So :

-If i kill the queen, did the spawn stop ?
-Is it intented ?

if no, did someone know some trick to avoid this situation and more information about this (like laybe it happen with something else than anthill, the range of the spawn around the anthill …)

Thx for read this. And sorry about grammar and stuff (french).

I’ve had the same situation after reading a book in my shelter (which is not even near an ant hill).
As far as i know the only solution is molotov cocktails.

Well, killing thoose dude is pointless because they respawn.
Better to just run (underwear + skirt + sneaker) somewhere and go back after, they will despawn.

A possible answer is if they were fidgeting with the z-depth/3d code, the eggs are spawning, coming out, and the cycle repeats.

Something tells me that we should be able to dump a few gallons of gasoline on the hill, light a match, and run.

Just like a normal anthill but scaled up…

I didn’t post more information but it just looks like the game spam wild stuff like that, and that’s all. they should only spam every day or so, but it trigger by other way, like be in an area for a long time : that’s why running around naked is less dangerous than stick in your shelter with an bigass rifle and plenty of ammo. but anyway spaming stoped after iv cleared the anthill (i mean spaming of ant, not basic wild life) and it’s the same with fungus and every other area like this.

[quote=“Morrigi, post:5, topic:2259”]Something tells me that we should be able to dump a few gallons of gasoline on the hill, light a match, and run.

Just like a normal anthill but scaled up…[/quote]

A few THOUSAND gallons sure…

Have you been in the anthills? they’re pretty big.

the last anthill iv checked got almost 12*7 area (square map), with a few less in corner, so not event sure this would be enought :smiley:

I think swarms of ants are normal, but the wildlife spawns get pretty crazy sometimes. I could barely walk through one town without splattering squirrels every few steps. It comes and goes though, maybe because I spent more time in that town.

One thing I noticed: critters such as rabbits, squirrels, etc have no fear whatever of vehicles. I’ve ended up splattering 5-6+ of the poor things because they constantly run around right in front of my bicycle/car/flatbed/Semi. :frowning: