[WIP] Insect expansion mod

Recently I’ve created a small mod. It adds various kinds of insects and other chitin-plated creatures, such as lady bugs, praying mantises, aphids, antlions etc.

You can tame aphids using cattle fodder and they will make tasty honeydew for you. But beware ferocious lady bugs! They want to tear your new friends apart!

Again, this mod is small, but I’m working on it. If you have any suggestions, leave them below. I’m mostly focused on adding new mosters and insect-related items.


Are your insects copies from real life, with their features, or are they remade for the cataclysm?
In the cataclysm, the giant insects were far removed from their originals, so the cockroaches became less prolific, but began to grow faster.

Why not just add it to the game directly? Variety of giant insects probably fit in vanilla

I’ve tried to make them having realistic features. For example mantises grab and attract it’s pray, ladbugs hunt aphids, antlion larvae wait underground for someone to come along. On the other hand, cdda is not suitable for simulating complex behaviour so I had to sacrifice some features in order to make this mod balaced and simple.

I and some other people are playtesting this mod. There are a couple bugs I want to fix before removing WIP mark and releasing it to a wider audience.