Ants in my shelter!?

I’ve been living in the emergency shelter. The doors are always closed behind me when I leave\enter. I just entered an anthill and eventually had to flee due to a horde of soldier ants, and I fled back to the emergency shelter. When I got back into the shelter I went down the steps and I found that the basement was filled with soldier ants. WTH

Even if they weren’t in your bunker they can tunnel down into the basement. Actually its a bug where enemies follow down stairs (possibly up?) depending on how many tiles away the are, walls don’t compute.

I think they fixed that bug, or at least Kevin’s put a lot of effort into such a fix.

I’d be curious how close your shelter-basement is to the ant colony. My Lab’s basement is adjacent (but not connected) to a Mine, and Lab critters (Blob, zombie scientist, manhack) tend to spawn in the Mine area.

Wondering if this sort of spawn-sector overflow might be the culprit here.

I may have spoke too quickly on that part, I’d hate to overlook someone’s hard work. I did just test it on Classic zombies mode. I ran to town, grabbed three Z’s headed back to the bunker and shut the door. As soon as I heard thumping I went downstairs and bam, three Z’s in the bunker basement. Oh yeah the .4 release

Or, maybe the fix didn’t work for some reason. Testing on the current version beats half-remembered work reports any time.

Guess you’re onto something there, deadmerits.