Another Newb question how dose one make a leather pacth?

as stated

I don’t use leather often (read: ever) but I believe you cut leather items (pants/jackets/exc.) by (a)ctivating a knife.

As for gathering it buturing hulks gave leather at one point But have not seen any in some time so I don’t know.

Butchering most critters without fur (that aren’t zombies or mechanical) can give leather patches. I think frogs due, bo going in a swamp is a death wish. Your best bed would be cutting up leather clothing, like was said before.

Also noteworthy, if you cut fur with scissors (and probably knives too), you’ll get a leather patch. Cutting up things that are made of fur will also give leather, and cutting all sorts of shoes (even sneakers) will give leather as well.

Bah, need to fix that then.

Huh. Most snakes & frogs are skinnable for leather. (Skinning generally requires about 3-4 Survival; 5 isn’t completely guranteed.)

Steak knife + Zombie hulk = more leather than you’ll ever need.

Steak knife + Heels/boots = safer.