Do you need CLEAN leather to craft?

 I haven't played in a long time, and I noticed that for some reason I couldn't craft with the leather I had gotten from some zombie clothing. I have the stuff to sew, and thread, and the level, and I made sure I had plenty of leather, yet it would not work. Do you need to clean leather now or something to use it? I believe that rags would work when dirty, but just not leather. I know 100% I have the supplies to make it, so I'm not sure what is wrong. Whether in my inventory or right next to me it still won't work :(
 So is it that it needs to be washed similar to how clothing right off zombies does? Is it just some sort of glitch in the game? Do I need to wash the clothing before I cut it up? I don't see why it would change like this, I'd be okay if it turned into dirty clothing when made from dirty materials, but it doesn't seem to let me make ANYTHING out of leather. It is plenty bright also.

yes you need clean materials to work with, intact items take longer to wash and use more water then patches o it takes the same amount of time to cut up then clean as it would to clean then cut up. big difference is having that much water available, you set up some gallon jugs and funnels and you will have plenty, or just have a car with a 60L tank under a metal funnel.