Did someone goof? Where does one get the recipe to make Leather Body Armor?

I need it for a quest.

I can make lots of stuff OUT of leather body armor, but I can’t make leather body armor itself.

I’ve looked online, all the wikis, I’ve spawned in all the tailoring books. Nothing. I can upgrade it, sure, but I can’t make it.

This needs to be fixed, this is terrible sign posting.

And before people start suggesting ‘better alternatives’, please read the top line again.

Do you have the survival part of the requirements?

found it, wikis are just out of date.


disregard, I ___ ___

The item browser is out of date on a few item properties, but all of the recipes should be up to date. Just make sure you select the development tab at the top.

Until we have a way to autogenerate wiki content, they will keep being out of date most of the time.