Removing Tilesets

Yes, I know… it’s the future, the way it has to be… the inevitable fate of hummanity that’ll release zombies everywhere. Nobody can change that, it’s the developpers choice. But come’on !

It’s all great, implementing fan-made content, but, you know… I don’t say these textures are ugly, it’s prehaps remarkable work, for your opinion. The problem is that cataclysm just… isn’t is like it was suppose to look like before. Flashy textures, giant tiles… all that stuff that’s poking my eyes til’ I vomit. Where the alphanumeric fonts we used to love ? Why did you just make them disappear with all the good stuff that built the game’s originality ? I can’t play anymore. It itteraly makes my retina suffer.

Let’s just say that you people like this stuff, and it’s ok. But I just can’t get away and stop playing ! I used to love this game. Please, tell me how to remove this stuff, so I can enjoy Cataclysm: DDA again.

In the options menu you can turn off tiles. The devs have said there will ALWAYS be an ASCII option. It just isn’t the default for the SDL build.

Ummm… open options, find the “Tiles” option, turn it to false, and then restart?

Or you could just download the curses version, though that might run slower on your system (usually SDL is faster on windows).

An ASCII option ? I never saw that before. Well, i’m gonna check it out a second time. Thanks you.
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