Domesticating dogs

Dog food makes dogs non hostile, and I can then examine them and tie them in place with a short rope. But the only way to get them to go somewhere seems to be an animal locker which must be in a vehicle. Seems kind of silly, I’d love to be able to train them, get them to follow me, so they don’t just guaranteed die to zombies…


You can use a dog whistle to give them limited commands, and you can put kevlar dog harnesses on them to substantially improve their armor and survival odds.


Unfortunately, dogs usually stay behind characters, consequently, they will disapear if we move quite fast. Players have to wait for their dog. I know that it is realistic (taming animals is not that easy like in Far Cry Primal) but also very annoying

Oh that’s interesting, I wonder where I can find the harnesses. I thought I’d see them on the Z-9 police dogs, but no dice.

There are also regular pet-carriers that don’t need to be mounted to a vehicle. You can usually pick one up around an animal shelter. The one time I had a dog that’s what I used to move it around.

These days I stick with livestock carriers and cows tho :cow:

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Ah, I was unaware, good to know, hopefully I can find some. Wait are you saying cows can be moved in the little animal carriers? I’ve avoided the cows because I’m not sure how to manage them lol

The cows, pigs, sheep and horses fit in the livestock carrier (stall). Having the ability to transport them around was an excellent idea. I found some cows, pigs and sheep and tied them up. Eventually they reproduced and now I have an endless supply of meat, fat, stomachs, livers, brains, lungs etc. :). Beats farming ants lol.
Note: I modded the json file for all of the above’s offspring to be tameable as well as making pigs tameable.

Yea the not being able to tame offspring thing is silly, animals become more trainable over successive generations.

You can’t instantly tame young animals and I haven’t written the code to allow you to tame them through successive feedings.

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Ah so the intention is to make them trainable over time? That’s good.

Intention is a strong word. It’s how I want it to work, I know I can do it. I don’t have a plan for when I’m going to write it.

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