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It was the same way (sluggish after closing) before I deleted tiles. Ran into too many problems trying to use PK mod so I stopped trying to get it to work. I find if I save and quit and close the program at the main menu it doesn’t screw the phone up.


A1, whe’re you, babe?



Can you please lower the Android version requiered? My device is stuck at v4.0.3

I’d Like to have this on my tabby =)


Still here all! Had a busy week. :slight_smile:

ZoneWizard: I’ve lowered the Android version to 4.0.x in GitHub, it’ll propagate in the next update.

RipRoarinBoogerPenis: Have you made any other changes to the in-game options? eg. enabling software renderer. It’ll be difficult for me to track down if I can’t repro the same issue you’re seeing. Another random thought, did the game data definitely install correctly? (plenty of free space on the device?)


[quote=“Aqma, post:95, topic:13348”][quote=“snow dwarf, post:94, topic:13348”]Installing on a xiaomi phone. Gonna check it out.
Edit: Damn, this is so awesome![/quote]

Snow dwarf, does it work fine on Xiaomi?
Was thinking of maybe trying a Xiaomi phone at some point, but I got a bit cautious as I understand it modifies the android skin quite a bit (I realize it might be just superficial).[/quote]

Not a fan of their UI as I was getting advertisements in the UI. Not in apps. In the actual “desktop” of Android. I went to Cyanogenmod but that is defunct and has moved on to Lineage (no version for my device yet).


a1 any chance of adding a numpad transparent joystick in next update?


You mean kinda like a 3x3 dpad for directional movement instead of the virtual joystick/swiping method? Funny you mention it, I’m working on that right now! :slight_smile: You can position it on a specific part of the screen or make it cover the whole screen, and make it visible/invisible. Should be a nice alternative to the current method.

Also for anyone interested, GitHub contributor Graywolfe813 is currently reshuffling the source code on GitHub to make it easier for us to keep up with the experimental build - very cool! :slight_smile:


magnificent, exactly what I had in mind! Pressing center will wait I assume?


Absolutely. It’ll also act as the confirm/back button in menus, tap for confirm, double-tap for back. I’ve also added an optional setting so if you make the dpad only take up a small area of screen space, tapping outside the dpad will behave the same as tapping the dpad center. Oh and holding a direction (or the center button) will repeat input similar to the virtual joystick method. So should be a nice alternative for people to play with. I know some people on lower-spec devices were having issues with the swipe detection being 100% reliable due to low frame rate, which isn’t a big deal most of the time but when you’re lighting a fire or steering a vehicle at 100mph, kind of a big deal. :wink:


I can attest to the driving bit. Fantastic work your doing!


That’s great, thank you! While I think it’s amazing what you’ve done with the joystick movement and how seamless it is, I somehow still feel the need sometimes to push buttons for movement, especially in hairy situations. Maybe it’s just that I’m so used to the keyboard, without it I feel like I don’t have maximum control :))


Great work on the Android version. I love playing on the go but prefer to play on pc at home. I’m able to copy my save from the android version to pc just fine, but not back from pc to android. If it is possible, which pc version would be compatible so I can transfer my save back and forth? I’m guessing I’ll have to build it from source, which I find a little daunting.


For those who may be following this thread for news, work is still being done. a1studmuffin is pretty busy with day to day life at the moment, but I’ve been tackling what I can.

An update should be coming soon, and here are some things to look forward to:

Customizable two finger swipe and tap controls.
Stable software rendering(it runs faster, oddly enough, and will be the default setting, no more scrambled text screens)
Mouse input is working, although functionality will depend upon your device.
Hardware keyboards no longer lock up when resuming
Approx. +100% overall increase in performance
Updated to recent experimental!


I was ready to post a funny picture about his terrible death, glad the work is continues.




This is great news, thank you Wulfe813 for your effort as well!


Andorid version 0.4 has been released

A new Android version has been released, and should be live on Google Play soon enough.

You can also get it right now at:

Quick run-down on what’s new:

  • Fixed hardware keyboard locking up on resume.
  • Added customizable two finger swipe controls.
  • Added mouse support.
  • Reduced power consumption when idle, diable animation for maximum effect.
  • Fixed software black screen issues.
  • General improved performance.
  • Using Cataclysm-DDA version 0.C-20955-10c07724.


Massive respect Wulfe813! Rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated (I just started a new job and don’t have a lot of free mental energy at the moment), but it’s amazing to see open source in action. :slight_smile:


Thanks for update, but I’m here with a crash report :smiley:
When I launch the latest version, I’ve got the following error

[spoiler]SDL Error
An error occurred while trying to start the application. Please try again and/or reinstall.

Error: Cannot load library:
635): could not load library
"" needed
by “libintl—”; caused by
library “” not found[/spoiler]
and the game won’t launch. If I rename the “gfx” In the data folder, I’ve got another very similar error about some other lib.


Sidav, what’s your device model and Android version? I’ll look into it.