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Have you tried increasing your terminal width/height in the settings then restarting the app? That should give you some more visibility on the vehicle UI screen.


You sir, are a prince amongst men! Thank you so much. This changes my gameplay unbelievably!

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I don’t know if you are still playing the play store version of CDDA but here is the link to the latest Android experimental builds. Make sure you turn off software rendering or you will get bugs/glitches/crashes etc.

Also, here is the links to some amazing sound packs.

This sound pack is 46mb, really good sound pack if you are low on memory.

This one is 120mb, music in this one is really good, gives you the resident evil horror vibes.

This one is a whopping 365mb but has an incredible amount of good music.!E5Jw1KLa!_86mbGuYnHR-pHmyiM3fG1g4xENS7kEf6HejclbVb58

Hope this helps you and welcome the forums! I’m fairly new myself! Ha :blush:


What’s the last version with portrait orientation? I play on a blackberry key2 and would rather use the actual physical keyboard

I guess there’s no version for the potrait oriented smartphones.

Thanks for the info! I can’t seem to install the new apks. When I try I get two versions of the game on my phone. The one I have now and a new one that won’t load past the Z screen. I am not sure if this issues is my phone or me as this is all new

I did find the chesthole sound pack…wgat a difference sound makes! I hear those sounds everywhere now. I was watching ST:TNT and I was like wait a minute that background music sounds like chesthole! The worst part was walking to the store the other day and i saw a plastuc bag on the ground and actually thought: I should grab that in case I need to make another raincoat…

You end up with two because the Jenkins builds doesn’t overwrite the Google play store version. If the latest experimental builds don’t work try build 8528. That’s the one i personally use and have not had a problem with.

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Will you update the game on android whenever you can?

I will give that one a shot once I get done with my current game. Thanks!

On my latest Android version, the side bar is blocking most of the screen as the game places the center without concern for the side bar. While you can shift the screen to see your character, using the Zoom or Look Commands messes it back up. Is this happening to any of you guys?

increase your terminal size in graphics options, there are also different sidebar layouts available

Terminal size is the largest it can get on phones and changing the sidebar layout doesn’t stop it from overlapping.

the UI on desktop is a bit of an issue lately anyway, just give it time to be sorted and fixed, meanwhile revert to an older build if you’ve got one.

This is the nature of experimentals.

Yea, I just noticed the fix being worked on in Github. Only a matter of time now.

Looks fine to me other than not quite being centered

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It’s because you’re using one of the more compact layouts. The problem with that is there isn’t enough room for everything, especially the minimap or log.

Though I guess it still works well enough.

Hi everyone I’m having crashes with the newest android version. It’s been a while since I’ve updated and I don’t know at which point in the version history this bug could have popped up but anyway.

My version is 0.D-8655

It happenes every time I try to use the virtual keyboard to type something in. My characters name, the world save name or whatever. I get an error report and the game dies.
The report goes like this:

DEBUG : request non-existing option DIAG_MOVE_WITH_MODIFIERS_MODE

FUNCTION : options_manager: :c0pt &options_manager: :get_option(const std: :string &)
FILE : /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/Cataclysm-Android/android/app/jni/src/options.cpp
LINE : 2710

Is anyone else having similiar issues? Any help is greatly appreciated

I just got warnings I could press i to ignore