Android Version


Btw what are those missing errors like technician pants/suit or something? And some other stuff… I can still continue playing though. And ahhh the frrreeezziinngg.

DEBUG : item id 1st_aid_survivor is unknown

FUNCTION : virtual void Single_item_creator::check_consistency() const
FILE : /home/zhilkin/Cataclysm-DDA/android/app/jni/src/item_group.cpp
LINE : 116


you need a fresh install.


Those are from mods probably.


Ahh reinstalling now and see if its still there.

Some first aid survivor and some technician blue pants, forgot the other one is missing. Might be my mod before.


is there something wrong with the fonts in the signed and unsigned versions posted above? Mine is corrupted and seems like its missing pieces from letters and numbers and stuff from the info panel on the right of the screen.
Im running it on an 11.5" tablet with the terminal height and width set for my resolution. It worked fine on the old 0.3c cooper release that was on google play store.


Im using that signed version posted by zhilkin. Try fidling with the fonts.json in config folder. Check if the fonts used is correct. Or backup your saved game then do a fresh install. Works like a charm.


Latest signed Release version - (analogue of build 7894) built on 2018-09-11.


You can ignore this error and game should load, but Lua won’t work. I will need to rework something to stop this error to appear.


Just out of curiosity, is the current Android release linked above the same release version as the desktop?

I haven’t updated in a month or so, I want to, yet I heard the current desktop release has a controversial butcher change and freezing consumable bugs…


Thank You for uploading!


Signed Release version - 0.C - 32044(about#7911)


For some reason, in the latest Android release, I am no longer able to use the “< and >” keys to tab menus. I got it to work in the crafting screen with the “tab” shortcut that appears on after Deleting the “>” symbol. But I can’t get it to work in the character screen or the view all item functions allowing me too see the surrounding monsters/animals


Thanks for the report. If nobody else has addressed it by then I’ll take a look once I’m done with the Android nightly build setup.


Awesome thanks! Good work on this gem of a game!


Hi. I recently downloaded Cata from google play, and played without any problems. No lag. But today I downloaded the latest update and started to notice some very annoying bugs. First, the joystick suddenly moves up and stays on the other side of the screen. Sometimes it makes commands to the opposites. And the other problem is the lag. As I said, the version of google play is perfect. But recent updates are lagging a lot. Especially when I zoom Out. Oh, and some tiles are without graphics. How can I fix this? Thanks


Good evening! Just wanted to let you know that when using the zone manager in the newest build, the zone manager is bugged. When assigning a zone, the game forces an 8x8 grid to the NE of the selected position

Thanks again for such a great game!


Turn on hardware acceleration in options, might introduce bugs, might work great.
Depends on device.
If you have shitty single core performance on your device it’ll probably be laggy anyway, but anything that’s at least a snapdragon 800 should probably be good enough, if your device has a snapdragon 4xx or a slower mediatek chip (not helio X20/P20 or newer you’re probably out of luck in regards to lag.

The play store version is very old and outdated.


Performance fixes requires profiling and a proper dev that knows coding, which none of them currently interested in doing the fixes. Almost everyone prefer adding more features and fixes the game breaking bugs.


The problem is, most cheaper devices have poor single core performance and lots of slower cores.
A quad core 2013 snapdragon 800 will likely run Cataclysm DDA better than an 8 core snapdragon 435 for example.

Cataclysm is very single core heavy and does not do multi-threading and likely never will.
If your device has say, a Snapdragon 650, 652, 636, 810, 808, 820, 821, should be fantastic, hell even a 625 might handle it well.


Maybe you should swipe up to delete all the shortcut,then the “<” or “>” appears again.This is cause of unclear installation I guess.