Android port a few problems I'm having

Hi there, recently download the android port from Google play and I’m having trouble configuring a few things. First I have no idea which aspect ratio would be ideal on a ASUS 10" tablet preferably in landscape mode(I can’t seem to get it into portrait anyhow. Auto rotate is on in my settings). Second I’ve done a couple of test runs and I can’t seem to find a way to adjust the display windows, 2/3 of the display are dominated by the mini map /appendage health, temp with barely any actual world being displayed,I have to zoom out to max in order to see 10 squares away.
And lastly where are the sound files? The only option I can
access on world creation for sound is default,and that appears to be no sound at all, no in game fx that I’ve noticed with all volumes at 100.

it’s like the PC version and has to be configured like the PC version, also the port is old and buggy and you should download the newest version from the forum thread for it here.

It’s in graphics, you up the tiles displayed vertical and horizontal til it looks nice to you.

Please try newer build from here:

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