Ancient red dragon?

I ran into one in a basement, I was wonding is base game mob? or from a mod?


Recent addition to the core game, added by Ilysen. It’s an epic battle, to be sure.

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I Noped out of there so fast, lol I’m only on my first week. ty

Its an animatronic with only 1hp

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Be sure to bring upgraded semi-automatic .50cal rifle. And some flame resistant armor, survivor firesuit or RM13armor will do.


Frustrating enemy once you realize you did not prepare yourself appropriately so be carefull


you still need to roll high for initiative, otherwise, firebreath ensues


If you have experimental Z-levels on you can kind of cheese the fight by dumping a mini nuke in the basement and sprinting up the stairs.


lol this is my first character I doubt lil get that far would be nice to fight it tho

I have a D20 somewhere

I just stared idk if i did? Can i collapse the roof on it?

I got a quarterstaff and a short bow, I think i got this XD

Punch it and see what happens. We’ll be over here, recording the results.


I believe that if you have z-levels enabled you can just put mininuke somewhere close on the surface level. Crater is bigger in diameter than average house. (And dont forget earplugs. You will be deaf for about 3-4 years, or about 1 year, if you have bad hearing trait.)

Possibly, but it’s easier to stay out of the blast radius with an underground detonation imo.

Dose having high dex help? And do I get a advantage if my character is based on rogue?