Hey all, newbie here! Heres my first semi-successful game

I was attracted by the youtuber Kruggsmash playing this for a video. I love post-apocalyptic settings, and Roguelikes are very fun to get into. So I looked into some other resources, downloaded the launcher,and started to mess around. so far, im loving it, even if i have to up loot spawns, to get used to the game before going straight into the “normal” difficulty. Currently, i have a tale to tell.

I picked to play as a Kannushi, because weaboo, but also because I figured it would be a fun idea to play as a more religious feature. With the evacuee start, i got right to work scouting out the shelter, and instantly found something. The basement was better stocked than most, but it had a bunch of shade zombies in the basement, which i didnt feel ready to face given my lack of any combat skill whatsoever. Luckily, the NPC who spawned in the shelter with me had a riot helmet. So, I lured them to him, and he took them out, and i claimed the spoils of his conquest. He refused to come with me when i offered, but gave me a quest to download stuff onto his USB.

I spent the rest of that night and the next couple days expanding upon the bunker and looting the nearby houses, when one night, I awoke from my makeshift bed hearing sounds upstairs. I went upstairs, to find the human who protected me, AND a military zombie, both dead. From that, i got a baton and riot helmet, and started to explore more boldly.

This is where the story went horribly wrong. I found a spider basement, (Black widows) and, because i really, really dont like spiders in roguelikes (Blame my Dwarf Fortress experience), and there were far too many, I lit the house above it, as well as the basement itself, on fire, before returning to exploring. I found a nice basement/bunker with a ton of guns (I assume a prepper’s), stowed it all in my base, and returned to my exploration. I went to the house next to the spider basement, and started looting, before my bad decision became apparent. First, I started overheating. I tried not to panic, and just to leave the house, but it was so much i fell unconscious in the street, as loud CRASHES started to attract zombies to me… The house i was in had caught fire from it’s neighbor, and a grabber zombie murdered me while i was knocked out. I was so angry at first, that was my whole days work. But i’m happy now, i have a somewhat quick story to tell. And hey, if DF taught me one thing, its that losing isnt bad so long as you have a good story to tell people

What I learned? dont light a house on fire until youre done with the houses surrounding it.

Some other attempted characters of mine: A historical re-enactor (Died by getting swarmed), a sheltered survivor (died by the game crashing while i was shooting a mosin at a zombie moose; the most Russian crash ever) and a Robot Hacker (because i had mods on) that died of a swarm (again) in the Robots scenario

Hope yall liked my first post, and I hope the bunker is in fact the proper place to share it~ Also, I’m more than open to advice, so please, drop your tips off~


Hello. You made it quite long for a new player tbh. You’re going to learn a lot as you play.

First off, I’d recommend 8066 version of experimental since the new map memory handling in 8067 thing has me crashing a minute into the game no matter what.

Another thing is, turn on auto-save. I personally have it set to save every 2 minutes. Saved me a few characters by now.

There’s a wiki and an item browser that handles current experimental items so it’s always up-to-date, you can look up recipies etc. but it might spoil a few things. So, use with caution.
Wiki: http://cddawiki.chezzo.com/cdda_wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page
Item browser: http://cdda-trunk.chezzo.com/ (switch to Development on the top part of the page)

There’s a lot of stuff that has been added to the game since… long ago. I used to be an avid player and just returned to the game myself, and a lot has changed. I’d recommend the quicktip series by Vormithrax, you can find him on youtube. For example, he mentions you can run by pressing " which is mentioned barely anywhere in the game.

Also don’t forget to at least turn on static NPCs during world creation (turned off by default), as it will populate some places that would otherwise be barren / incomplete (for example, no “boss” in a certain location). Dynamic NPC spawn is also nice, I have it set to 10 with NPC Mutations and NPC traits mods on and Disabled NPC needs (since I am still getting used to them, so I don’t have to micromanage them that much).

Good luck.

thank you very much. I’m doing a similar character run currently, and autosave is in fact on. I have all the NPC spawns on, and THATS how you run? I was wondering, I keep seeing that being done in the playthrough im watching and i couldnt find the command for it. Youre a lifesaver.

It rapidly depletes your stamina, though, so be careful that you can actually outrun the zombies or you might find yourself so tired that you can barely hit the zombies that might catch up to you.

Also if you have Disabled NPC Needs mod turned on, don’t give your followers anything digestible (food or drink, meds are okay), since then their needs will be turned on again, making you micromanage them, especially if you’re new you might be tight on water and food.

Also maybe a little spoiler-ish tip, since you mentioned housefires, you can also set up fire in a stove or in fireplaces or braziers (you can craft one or find them in churches) without having to fear burning the house down.

You can drag things on the ground by pressing \ when standing over anything on the ground (makes it longer to move though), which allows you to drag burnable things into the aforementioned places. Otherwise to drag furniture, for example, you use G. You can also use / which is an advanced item menu that you can use to move things from one location to another, like one tile to your left to one tile to your right. Useful when putting things from a container to, for example, a car you might fix up and use without having to manually pick them up and "d"rop them into a place you want

Last edit: Another thing is that for some reason, before I changed the keybinding, I was able to switch between menus and whatever only by TAB and BACKTAB (shift + tab). Some people have this problem, some do not, dunno. Once you’re in such a menu ( for example, crafting menu) you can press ? and using = (global keybinding) you can add the standard < and > to those keybinds as is common in other roguelikes. Personally, I got used to tab and backtab since it requires less keypresses. You might or might not have this “problem”. Also CDDA-soundpack, download it using the launcher and set it in the options, greatly enhances the experience.

I figured out all of those keys except for the , so thank you for the help there. And as for the house fire tip, i actually intended to burn the one house i was in down, i just didnt expect it to spread to the neighbors so easily. I know what a brazier is; I saw that in the playthrough too.

You are so damn helpful though thank you

Soundpacks are in fact on

Also, try 2 i got mowed down by a gun wielding zombie. must be one of the mods. Guess ive gotta be more careful in cities, eh?

Update: I disabled the mod I think is responsible. Being autodetected and mowed down by lasers =/= a fun experience, roguelike or not.

There are laser targeting tank drones and chicken walkers in the base game. Death to anything but the well-prepared and well armed.

Hello, fairly new player myself, been playing about a month. Some tips for you:

Stay the hell away from portals and rifts in reality. Nothing good ever comes of being near them, there is currently no method of sealing them off, and barricading them is ineffective.

Just because something can talk does not mean it is friendly, and if it is locked up, there is probably a damn good reason for it.

Lasers can shoot through glass unobstructed.

If you see anything with the words “Fungus”, “Fungal”, or similar in the name, don’t let it touch you, and put on a gas mask. Oh, and if you are smart, burn it to the ground, and the ground around it to be safe.

Don’t go anywhere NEAR a military outpost or National Guard Base without either an armored vehicle with a mounted gun, power armor, some method of cloaking. You could also wait until night and try with light amp goggles if you are feeling particularly ballsy. Turrets (anywhere) are murder on the lightly armored, and roaming robotic soldiers (NGB only) are armed with automatic rifles which can one shot you even in RM13 combat armor if they spot you and get even a half decent shot. Their night vision is terrible though so if you have a good gun and can see in the dark, they are easy targets.

If you see anything with the words “Fungus”, “Fungal”, or similar in the name, don’t let it touch you, and put on a gas mask. Oh, and if you are smart, burn it to the ground, and the ground around it to be safe.

No, you embrace the fungus, you filthy individual no-hive. Join us, we have delicious berries!

(swallows tablet of anti-fungal medication)

I saw a tank drone RIGHT OUTSIDE the evac shelter in one of my first attempts.So I know those are bad. Thanks for the military outpost tip, I was thinking about raiding one of those. I was considering setting up a base near a portal for LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE of my character.

Yeah early on those outposts are very dangerous, but a vehicle really helps, turrets won’t target them. Just drive up and shoot them with a mounted gun.

Also, just to reiterate, if you see anything fungal, burn it IMMEDIATELY. I cannot stress enough the importance of promptly sterilizing the area, and checking around nearby for more. That shit is like a cross between an extremely aggressive cancer, the Zerg, and a garden weed. My favored method is to ignite 4 adjacent fungal tiles, because this seems to act like the fire equivalent of critical mass, and within a few moments will consume the entire patch of fungus or foliage.

To put into perspective how nasty this stuff can be, I just spent three IRL hours and a shitload of gasoline burning down a forest the size of a medium sized city that was completely infested with the stuff, along with a number of patches around it. I had passed by earlier in my vehicle doing about 60mph on the way somewhere else, but the initial infestation was apparently in the reality bubble for long enough that it got out of control before I even knew it was there. I spotted the edge of the infestation on the way back, because it had spread all the way to the highway from the center of the forest.

literally no weapon is overkill for them if so much as one survivor remains it will make more

Could a mere lighter work against the fungus? or would that be too risky

Yeah those work great. I just use the flamethrower for convenience of rapidly igniting multiple tiles. Speed is essential when dealing with them because they replicate and spread so fast. Oh, and don’t forget to wear a gas mask. I’d recommend a hazmat suit or other full body protection gear as well. I use RM13 combat armor (found it in a bank vault btw) and a heavy survivor mask.

light up a 2x2 area in their bed and watch the whole thing light up seriously though when you do it run like hell the fire will spread faster than you can run
anyway fire is an ok way of dealing with it but stay close and finish off any stragglers if even one fungaloid escapes it’ll all be back before you know it
simple idea of their reproduction
fungaloid>makes beds below them=spores>spores make beds>spores over beds make sporelings>fungaloids
also fungal trees I think make spires>pillars>towers>fungal defenses
also of note most zeds will transform into fungal variants if hit by spores

I know its foudn in bank vaults… I got it out of one when i was detonated.lol