Refugee Center spontaneous combustion

So I spent a large portion of my last character’s life trying to find a refugee center, because I’m really interested in the storyline and never got very far into it. I clear the back bay (not too hard a task, given how most of it was seemingly cleared by a roof collapse which filled most of the room with rubble), started cleaning it up in order to turn it into my base of operations and was in the process of clearing an anthill nearby for reasons of annoyance. A couple days in, I was reading in the back bay when I heard a SMASH!!!; I just ignored it. After a few more of those noises, I receive the ‘Mission failed’ message in the log, and as I made my way to the front entrance to investigate, I see that the whole place is on fire. Any clue as to why that happened? Could it have been the damn arsonist pulling a sick joke that went wrong?

Stable or experimental?
In stable, refugee centers can contain pyromaniacs who kill zombies with flamethrowers or molotovs and set the whole place on fire.

That sounds like someone made a terrible decision in adding that.

It also sounds freaking awesome.

I had a similar thing happen. I think the pyros are still in the experimentals.

It is experimental. As to how awesome that is, well, it would be if it didn’t take forever to find that damn place.

Yeah, check every guard for what weapons they have - sometimes, they spawn with flamethrowers (same for every NPC who spawns in the ranch quest line).

Best defense I’ve found is to either collapse sections in every hallway and clear the rubble (the walls don’t burn) or line the hallways with braziers (if you don’t mind abusing the game mechanic on those).

Well, or just bloody well KILL any NPC with a flamethrower (or debug their stuff away).