Uhmm.. send help?

being chased by zombies, i am forced to enter an underground basement below a house…

and then this shows up… should i kill it or… yeet the heck out of there?

Kill it! Red Dragons drop god tier loot, but make sure you have a decent gun and fire protection, It can be a tough fight :wink:

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ahahaha XD

why tho? yeah i know dragons aren’t real but this is apocalypse, everything can happen brother XD

ohh… sounds like a good challenge… sadly i only have M4A1 with 2 mags, and shotgun with 1 shell left.

hahaha XD
oh my goodness. so i was bamboozled by the fact that is not real red dragon… its “mechanical” red dragon, robots designed to look like red dragon.

Oh man I still remember my first time seeing one of those. I sprinted away so fast and ran back up the stairs. Then I came back later and hurled three pipe bombs in the room. It ended up being a bit of an extreme reaction.

Told you.
There’s no magic in this world.
Except when there is … some magic…clysm

now you say it, i never tried that mod, mainly because its just feel too fictional to be in the game, but it also adds some Skyrim-like magic mechanic to the game.