Amphetamine withdrawal duration

I try the really bad day start and finally get to the remote and safe farm but it’s been 8 days and the withdrawal isn’t gone. How long will it last?

I read on the wiki that it’s 3 days. Suppose that it’s written when the season length is 14 days, and now it’s 90 days, if it’s scaled with season length then it’s 19 days… That’s very long.

So, did you take drugs to stave it off, or did you go cold-turkey? If it’s the former, i have no clue what’s up; if it’s the latter, drug addiction isn’t a simple thing to get rid of. I’d say a mere 3 weeks is pretty generous. People stay in rehab for months to recover, iirc.

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In real life it ranges from weeks to years.

I don’t know personally, but I’ve been told that addiction never really goes away. One just learns to cope.

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While this is very true, the physically debilitating effects are relatively short lived. The worst is about two weeks, the first week it can be damn near impossible to function properly. The second is much better, but still physically drained and mentally off kilter pretty bad. By the third week you are more or less functional, but your mental state is still clouded, impulsive, and irrational, and way too often aggressive.

The belief that the addiction never goes away is both true and misleading. The drug is gotten over, but the person is always an addict. This is an important thing for the person in recovery to understand; it’s not the drug, it’s YOU. Forgetting this is the primary cause of relapeses. You are an addict, you can’t have “just one”. It’s also why the successful recoveries usually quit EVERYTHING. Some even forego caffeine. Way to easy to substitute for a new addiction.

The carvings never go away. They do get shorter, less intense, and easier to deal with over time.

In game terms, I know time sleeping used to not count towards recovery time; this could be your issue. It certainly should count tho. I’d also like to see a mechanic where people recovering would autonomously consume drugs if they had access. Self control only goes so far, and the bulk of it is not putting yourself in a situation to use again. Burn that shit.

Source: recovering addict, 4.75 years clean.


I don’t want to drag this off topic, but there are some strong criticisms of the disease model of addiction (“you’re an addict and you always will be”) out there, and cognitive therapy treatment methods (AVRT is a well-known variant) that appear to stop the behavior by treating addiction with methods similar to those used to treat OCD.

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I could see that working, addiction always seemed like a compulsion to me.

I understand that in real life addiction is difficult to get rid of, but I also want to know how long the in-game duration is exactly??

I don’t have the save anymore but if it would take weeks than I would play shower victim next time.

Makes more sense than the disease theory. Diseases are caused by external pathogens or genetic abnormalities. Drug addiction is the result of a choice.