[5181] Addictions don't go away

Since version 5181 when addictions got rewritten this

addictions[i].intensity = int(addictions[i].intensity / 2); addictions[i].intensity--; addictions[i].sated = 0;

became this

cur_addiction.intensity--; cur_addiction.sated = 0;

Now starting withdrawals take inordinate amount of time.

Each addiction level takes 6 hours now. Before, you could wait out maximum level addiction in 18 hours.

Well 7 to 10 days in rehab is more realistic probably. Guess tweaker is too high maintenance then, not worth 2 points.

At the moment yes
Now that the multiple pool system is the default, tweaker, bum and similar starts can get major buffs.

Starting tweaker with some prozac would give him a fighting chance and be different from other starts which have means to sustain the addiction instead of fighting it.