Approximately how long do addictions last?

I decided I’d try my hand at the bad day scenario and i’m wondering how long it’ll take to kick the worst symptoms.

Taken from the wiki page (high chance of inaccuracy, the addiction system was reworked after this guide was written): Biggest problem now is your amphetamine withdrawal. It can last up to three days […]

Based on the calculations I’ve made by checking the code (probably more accurate, unless it gets changed or I’ve checked the wrong code segment): about 4 days.

Exact numbers

96 2/3 hours or (rounded down) 4 days.

If the trait Addiction Resistant was chosen at the start, it will last…

28.5 hours and 10 seconds, a little bit over a day.

If the trait Addictive Personality was chosen at the start, it will last…

212 2/3 hours or close to 9 days.

The formula used to calculate (simplified Character::suffer_from_addictions()):
timer = 6 hours (3 hours for Addiction Resistant, 10 hours for Addictive Personality)
addictedTime = 0 (every second increased by 1 second)
intensity = 30 (you start out with addiction level 30)
if addictedTime + (intensity * 10 minutes) bigger than timer -> reduce intensity by one and reset addictedTime to 0
…repeat… until intensity gets decreased to 1

Although… probably the bigger concern should be the infection that your character has. Not sure if it got fixed, but last I heard it was basically a death sentence.

Honestly, you’re better off surviving as a shower victim, it’s basically the same as the meth addict minus the withdrawal, you have to scavenge clothes on both starts anyway.

Infection is too brutal to play with amphetamine withdrawal.

that’s kinda why I was asking here since it’d be more likely to find up to date information after the rework

From what I remember addictions can last up to a week or two, assuming you quit cold turkey.