Range of CROWs II Turrets

Does anyone know the range of those things? I’m just asking because I’ve been shot by one (fortunately survived with only a broken arm) as I was butchering a dead zombie outside of (I was pretty sure) its range.

I was 50 tiles away and probably had been for quite a while as I had been keeping a straight line backing away and filling the Kevlar Zombie with arrows until it dropped, before doing a Quick Butcher. There was no yellow ! on the turret and it gave me no warning message. It was also about 6.45 pm in the middle of winter and the turret was in shadow due to the failing light. After getting shot I saved and waited for ages just to see if I’d get shot again, nothing, but I did another trial butcher and got shot again in the torso (for piddley damage this time).

Does anyone know if CROWs can shoot from such a long distance with such high damage and without showing up as having targeted you?

There are two main versions of the turrets.

M240/249 are the ‘light’ models firing .308 and .223 rounds of ammo out to 36 tiles.

M2HB is the ‘heavy’ gun firing .50 BMG rounds out to 50 range.

At 50 range i would guess you were too far away to hear the ‘Hostile Detected’ warning. Also, never assume you are safe in variable lighting conditions (bright, shady, dark, etc) between you and the turret. Too often, the interface will lie/be-wrong and get you killed.

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M240 turret has the same 50 tiles range as M2HB turret.

Formally, M240 turret has 60 tiles range, and M2HB has an overwhelming 110 tiles range, but their vision range is limited only to 50 tiles, so they will start shooting no farther than 50 tiles.

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Not only that, the weather too, if there is a storm some lighting can illuminate you pretty well for a turret. or maybe it had something to do with the new update to turrets, the one that make them able to return fire because of sound

same cause here… just want to leisurely walk past a missile silo guarded by turrets then suddenly got shot by the turret for no reason…

i already ask alternate solution in Github for the turrets but all i got is negative reply.

Turrets are programmed to shoot everything on sight. Just don’t “leisure walk” near them, and you’ll be good.

yeah i know~ but it would be nice if the turrets has some sort of warning system like when the player enters turret’s range (50 tiles away) the log on the right say there is turret up ahead and its aiming at player, when the player gets closer (45-40 tiles away from turret) the turret shoots the player.

Thank you for that! It’s nice to know that 50 tiles is the range and I’ll be more careful from now on. Yellow ! or not.

There is a warning system, they make a 50 volume noise when they target you, you’re supposed to be able to hear their “Hostile detected.” warning when you enter their range. And they take a second or two before they actually start firing, so you have a chance to step back out of range.

now that’s new, that means i have to take more attention to sound indicator and log next time im walking around Missile silo area.

That should probably be a little over 50 for safety. Some conditions can hinder the propagation of sound, like rain.

The game has eventually taught me to stop and look at the map every few hundred turns, so yeah. Also colour-coding your map notes is a good idea, I just avoid robotanks and their ilk like the plague until I have something that can deal with them with certainty.

i can deal with turrets now thanks to Military Marksman class from Fuji’s mod. but for Beagle tank and Chicken Walker.

need a bigger gun.