Alternative ammo loads (Bearings, Rifled Slugs, Sabots, Rockets)


More like turning a bow or crossbow into a makeshift one.

It would, of course, be a lot less powerful than an actual rocket launcher since it’s smaller and much less fancy, but it’d be lighter and have a little more range than a regular arrow/bolt.


Again, rocket arrows have been done in real life. They’re pretty bad…


Same with the couple of attempts with rocket bullets. With that said though it makes me wonder how dumb fire rocket launchers maintain their accuracy or if they are even really rocket launchers at all and just recoiless rifles?


There are some of both, some are just a launch tube for a rocket, and some have a kicker charge to fire them out of the tube, then ignite the rocket in flight.

For the most part, they don’t. They dont have to be particularly accurate to hit a tank or a building.
Translating that to cataclysm though, it’s a hard sell to put a bunch of resources into a wildly inaccurate projectile weapon.


Dumbfire rockets have been around a long time in fact. You can make any tube and make a rocket. Combine in rows of 10 by 6 and launchem all at once in a direction. No, not accurate. But effective again a horde. Nothing useful though I suppose in as much as adding to the game.


Yeah I don’t think most survivors are going to have the knowhow, or the need, for a missile array.

ALTHOUGH. A modified turret mount that fits say… 10… of a normal turret’s weapon could be pretty awesome. Especially if we could mount the Fusion Blaster Rifle. Could have salvo and sequential fire options, for maximum rate of fire.


Multi-missile launcher - Ingredients:

  • 20 LAWs
  • Duct Tape
  • 1 Live squirrel


No that’s the recipe for the Super Doom Squirrel. You need superglue to glue it to the vehicle, since duct tape doesn’t stick to fur very well.