Reloading 9x18mm and turrets

In the recipe for reloadedd 9x18mm +P+ (I think it’s part of a mod, maybe Artyom’s Gun Emporium or Icecoon’s Weapons Pack) it takes 10 9x18 casings and
10 primers to make 25 bullets. I also think it takes not enough gunpowder and metal, but I’m not sure.

When firing a or the m240 from a tank, casing fall outside. If you think about how a tank is built and how machine guns are positioned, that’s pretty much impossible. They should fall inside the tank, on the floor.

EDIT: also it appears that empty tanks weight as much as the ones filled with liquids, when mounted on a vehicle.

9x18mm is a mainline addition, was back when I mainlined 5.45x39mm from IWP, along with giving it real weapons to use and other Russian weapons.

Recipe should be similar to that of 9x19mm, but only a bit less material-wise. The high-pressure should have a stack size of 25 but only be made 10 at a time. Unless I fucked that up and no one noticed?

And turrets do that, yes. This isn’t yet a feature, sadly.