Aftifact Sword and thermal dissipation cmb

Cleared a temple recently, and got a sword that causes a self-centered fireball when activated. While ordinarily problematic, I have the thermal dissipation CBM. however when testing, I found that my items still caught on fire, even when the CBM is activated. This seems to be a bug, as I can ordinarily walk through fire tiles and be perfectly safe while the CMB lasts.

If Kevin’s recent response on github is any indicator, expect your clothes to stop being fireproof while you’re fire immune. The issue isn’t about the CBM, but it does involve fire immunity and burnt clothing. It seems fire immune clothing is the bug.

Shit. So I guess that means no more turning on the heat dissipation CBM, setting fire to the ground around me, and yelling “come at me bro!” at zombies unless I’m in power armor?

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Who knows, maybe he was just fucking with shard.I’ve not seen any PR’s about it yet.

More importantly, why is mycus fireproofing even a thing? The fungus burns faster than a compound surrounded by the ATF.

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The upper tier stuff has more in common with rock than fungus. It’s in the descriptions.

As Malkeus said. The towers themselves are basically fireproof. It’s why most people recommend a flamethrower and a .50 cal to clear mycus.

I usually hit the towers and giant blooms with a turbolaser or the 120mm tank gun. Or a fusion rifle if I can’t get my vehicle close enough and have to go in on foot.