Invisible fire in temples; build 0.A-2328

Okay. One thing I noticed when is that the fire tiles in the temple’s flaming hall vanished after two or three turns. Examining the tile reveals that is is still very much on fire, but the shifting 5 tiles doesn’t show themselves.

Anyone else experiencing this problem?

That was quite…
an stealth burn

/leaves running

Yup, seen it many times, and I always forget to report it. In addition, the fire does not respect fireproof clothing, and it chews through all kinds of gear in seconds.

Fireproof clothing currently isn’t. Known but nobody’s had time to fix. :frowning:

Whether the temple fireburst traps should have some Weird Nether Fire is another question, but currently that’s gonna be a No.

I might be able to fix them if the fixes are simple. I can’t add new stuff, if the code for thins being fireproof doesn’t exist yet.