After learning game strategies, forgetting to turn off running is a common and frustrating way to die. Could we get a hard to miss indicator?

It’s only a dozen key presses for a guaranteed game-over.

By the time the fatigue bar indicates your stamina is draining too fast (If you even notice in time), the speed penalties are certain death. I keep having to OCD check the side panel, and now OCD-cycling the walk/run/crouch status to be certain is a nuisance.

A flashing notification on the side panel that’s bigger than the surrounding static info, or a very central animation to your character on the screen would be great. Maybe make the character “@” symbol flash different colors when you’re set to run or crouch. Or that animated damage text that floats away, saying “Sprint!” with running steps or “Crouched!” when crouching.

If you’re playing ASCII CDDA i have no input/suggestions.

Tile-set versions of the game (Undead People tile-set at least) have large symbols that appear directly over the characters portrait to indicate Running/Crouching (and some other conditions).

Sound-packs also have audio cues (heartbeats or heavy breathing sounds) to indicate your stamina is dropping.

You can also change the hotkeys back to the old way of just toggling Run/Walk and put Crouch on a completely different key to prevent suicide-crouching.

Flashing character is bad

As of build 9736, when playing CDDA in ASCII, the character’s @ symbol will change to yellow when in run mode and light grey when in crouch mode.