Advanced inventory density sort

Useful when putting light items into vehicle being towed or for other not-yet-discovered purposes.

patch here

Create a pull request.

Sorry, I am boycotting GitHub. I believe that it is unethical to use a proprietary platform for developing FOSS software.

That is a very stupid belief.

While I agree, s-/he’s still free to boycot whatever they like or think is right - as free, as anyone else is to grab this here and make a pull request themself…

Yes, the patch is even in convenient ‘git am’ format for whoever wishes to do so.

That’s hypocritical to force others to do some job you won’t do by yourself because you consider this job “unethical”.

I’m not forcing anyone to do anything. I will happily rebase this for as long as I play.

In it’s basic, yes, it would not only be hypocritical, but reprehensible to force someone to do a job that oneself does consider unethical.

However, s-/he neither forces - not even suggests or requests - to merge this into the game.
S-/he posted it as a “here’s something I made, do with it whatever you want”.

You then requested him/her to make a pull request, which ThinkSome denied…
So what? It just means it probably never makes it into the game, unless someone cares. Like with most ideas. No damage done.

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I wouldn’t say that. The very existence of git results from an incident that shows how using proprietary tools to develop open source software is more than just unethical from an FSF philosophical standpoint, it also has very practical drawbacks. By that, I mean the whole Bitkeeper fiasco, which stopped Linux kernel development dead for months just because the owner of Bitkeeper decided to withdraw licenses from everyone. (For plainly ludicrous reasons, but that just shows you never can tell - Linus Torvalds considered him a friend and trusted him) It lasted until git was in a usable state and everyone moved over to that.
I don’t think github’s going to take down CDDA, but I’d hesitate to condemn anyone for not wanting to deal with them either.

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There is no need to defend hypocrisy and stupid beliefs.

Yeah, there are many kinds of philosophers and other freaks that wanna bring ethics where it does not belong.

Oh, don’t worry, I’ll see no reason to defend your behavior…
But I will defend the right that you can keep believing whatever you like :fist: .

I think the lesson learned here for me is to politely decline any request that conflicts with my personal ethics with a simple “No, thank you but I won’t be doing that.” and no explanation. Then I can choose to elucidate why if there’s an off-topic follow question.

And back on topic, awesome, thanks ThinkSome! I’m gonna check it out.

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Feel free to disagree, but the name calling is unnecessary.