Shard's Misc Mod

Collection of personal tweaks, includes the following:

gatebuff – makes the controls for various gates match the durability of the gate or wall it matches with.

override-vehicleparts – curtains are multitile so you open/close all of them at once, boom crane is foldable at base volume so you can put one in your vehicle if it is big enough.

vehiclestuff – XL parts, such as storage battery arrays, massive electric motors, cargo racks, internal 100/200L tanks, and an air raid siren.

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Do all the vehicle parts have a XL version excluding turrets for obvious reasons? Also if you build a car extra large only does it effect you in the car?

It isn’t all parts, just a few things for ease of use - massive electric motors (IIRC 2.5x large electric engine worth or something along those lines), 100/200L internal fuel tanks, storage racks, storage battery arrays. Mostly I made it because I was tired of my vehicle looking like crap with a half mile list of engines and tanks and a mile list of batteries.

Do aisle, seats and other people parts have a XL version?

No, as those have no function that can be condensed by making a larger version. Engines: less engines in the vehicle cluttering the view. Battery arrays: less batteries cluttering the view. Storage tanks: less gas tanks cluttering the view. Mostly made to let me actually see what was going on with weapons and npcs in my vehicle.

Can the internal 100/200L tanks store other liquids besides gasoline/diesel? I have 4 external tanks I use for gas, diesel, purified water, and salt water mounted at the rear, away from the edges. I would LOVE to install them inside a tile like the 60L tank. I hate having the damn things get knocked off and emptied if I bump into something just right.

How does the efficiency of the massive electric motor compare to the enhanced electric motor?

Does the storage battery array work like the solar array, taking up a tile entirely and making it impassable?

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The larger tanks can hold anything any other tank can.

Large electric: power: 400, battery used: 40000
Massive electric: power: 1000, battery used: 140000
So the massive electric is about 2.5x as powerful for 3.5x the power usage. It is intended for power, not efficiency.

The storage battery array is floor to ceiling solid battery, no movement and no sight through it, but it stores a hell of a lot.

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The storage battery array is floor to ceiling solid battery, no movement and no sight through it, but it stores a hell of a lot.

Think of heat battery generates in use. Big battery as that, large fire hazard, or other, while battery is use, it generate heat to adjacent tiles.

It’s a shame we don’t have a space heater vehicle part you could yank the tag from for this. Imagine the fun you could have with a space heater (faulty) [internal short, extreme fire hazard].

Off topic slight, but seen the large force air propane heater? L Round cylinder, looks like cannons? Faulty (or modified) propane regulator and then it is now wide area flame launcher, for vehicle mount or carry. But that require propane tanks, which not exist in game.

I like it. I assume the faulty version would have a much better chance of exploding, right? A thought…does damage to an engine cause it to become faulty in some way? That would be pretty cool. If damage still works the same, the engine just loses top speed until it’s too damaged to keep running. It’d be fun to take a hit to the engine and lose your fuel pump. Still not sure why we’ve got fuel pumps on the engine and not a separate part in the same square as the tank, like an alternator. At least the water pump, starter, air filter etc are located near the engine normally.

Not sure, item in actual life is space heater, only fan, metal tube, tank and regulator. No engines. If connect to vehicle it may malfunction if damage, use of both leak_dam and fireball flags may work, but I not meddle with vehicle parts yet, so not sure.

But…jet engines that shoot fire! If only lateral thrust were a thing, I want to spin a vehicle like a top. Is what you’re talking about similar to a Salamander ™, or bigger? I can’t imagine a lp canister like I grill with lasting long as a flame thrower. I wonder if it would be possible to copy acetylene and monkey around with it to make propane. I will add to my list, testing if engines can be made to run on acetylene to see if this is worth pursuing. Hopefully everything is in json.

Yes, salamander style heater, that is it. Used to have one. a regular propane, when we could get, would last two days. As flamethrower it almost is already, fire comes close to ends. A small tweaking of a wrench on the regulation and it shoot four feet flame without much gas loss.
Apparently there is kerosin versions also, so perhaps a diesel survivor modification could make it more useful when tanks are dry. I should not hijack threads, but am sure @Shard may like this idea.

Not really something I am interested in adding, as it wouldn’t have much use compared to normal parts, though you have reminded me that I missed the tag to make the engines heat liquids in tanks, so I will have to add that when I have time.

That’s a thing? I want it, I want it! …wait I already have it. Neat, that’s a thing!

Oh god yes. I am sick of having tanks full of frozen drinking water.

Looks like I was mistaken, I was using copy_from electric_motor already, so it should work fine already. I need to look at my own mods before I start saying things about them that are untrue.

I didn’t know motors defrosted liquids in tanks by default. How close to the electric motor do storage tanks have to be to get defrosted? Same tile? Adjacent? I currently have my motors spread out to prevent my vehicle from becoming disabled from any single impact, explosion, etc, so they aren’t near most of my tankage. Also, does the vehicle have to be moving for it to generate heat, or will having the vehicle simply turned on suffice?

Not certain, I haven’t updated since before the ranged weapon buff. I haven’t heard anything about a range limit, just that the engine needs to be running.