Mokou-tan's Power Armor Additions

My first mod and pretty barebones, but it adds a waist and back magnetic holster for use with power armor. The waist magnet can also sheath swords and knives. They can be found just about anywhere power armor and hauling frames can be found and have the same rarity as the frames. Feedback would be appreciated, but please understand I’m a novice, so don’t expect anything crazy to be added. I will take some suggestions for other items to add within the same vein, though!

Power Armor Additions


One of these days I’ll find a mod where CBM’s occupy worn item slots and have their own graphics tiles. >_>
Also a steak rifle would be cool. Impale soft targets against walls. XD
X-ray CBM or sonar CBM to see through walls or see in the dark.
Liquid purification system CBM to boil down and extract components from liquids. Such as extracting salt from salt water just by drinking it.
Would also be cool to see a vehicle turret electronic rail system. Which could move a turret around your vehicle to better engage targets. But that’s pretty complicated.
Books: would be fun to have books you can actually read through the flavor text. Maybe a few short stories or something.
I dunno…there’s really no end to the customization options.

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Steak Rifle?



Mmm delicious. Lol…