Addition of a TWD-like mode

I would like to make a suggestion in terms of mode, you could add a twd-only zombie mode, this subject is well discussed in some forums.

Does the “Dark days of the dead” mod not work for this? Zombies no longer revive, bites are fatal, headshots mandatory, a lot of the science fiction stuff gets disabled. Its the successor to the old “Classic Zombies” mod and its in the included mods on Repo.

it plays in the past and that would not fit well with Twd timeline which starts at 2010.

In this case, he only leaves the zombies?

It is based on the past, but they could add a new mode, right?

Nothing preventing you from using it as a basis to make a TWD specific one with whatever changes are needed. That being said, “They” would more likely be “You” - The projects all volunteer, so people swing in and add what they want to see added. So you’d either have to pitch what those changes are and what makes TWD mod worth developing and interesting to sell someone on the idea enough that they try and make it, or you can take a crack at it yourself and make the cataclysm into the image in yer head.

Generally speaking, its best to assume you’ll have to make it yourself - Modding angels have absolutely been known to exist, but they’re rare. That being said, its also not super difficult to do, especially if you’re borrowing from an existing mod. Modifying the exclusions and blacklists would bring back in more modern items, and the classic zombies and lethal bites are already accurate.

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In a way, yes, I’m going to try this modding path, maybe I’ll be able to bring this mod I’m talking about based on this Dark days of dead!