Adding new pages

I’m currently going through the professions page formatting it and adding any new professions introduced in 0.C - and I don’t know how to add new pages for items that aren’t already on the wiki (e.g. the compressed air horn)

Am I just blind to seeing the function, or am I just doing it wrong?

Also, I just finished updating the professions page. However, there are a couple bugs in the formatting that I’m not sure how to fix.

Could anyone take a quick look at it?

Wow, thanks so much. That probably took a lot of effort! I fixed it for you (it was just a few understandable formatting errors.)

Oh man, a bit of a necro but I just noticed your first question. To add a new page to the wiki, you log in, then go to the page you want to make, say:

And click edit this page.

Ah, good to see someone’s picking up where I left off on the profession page and item additions. Got a tad sidetracked by experimental moddening. ^^"