Hey all, I was wondering if I could get some help with professions.
First when I make a new profession in the file it doesn’t show up in game,'
Second when I modify a current profession it goes into the create screen and everything but I finish the creation and load the game it has a runtime error how to fix this or if at all?
Third if you have a step by step guide on how to make a profession I would love if you posted it.
Maybe the developers could help :stuck_out_tongue:

I am a sort of a newbie coder…which sucks…;boardseen#new

this tells you where to put it in, and how the code should look. :slight_smile:

I did what you said but it didnt work

I got the same error as the guy with the army pants thing but at the startup of the game

heres what my professions file looks like:


“name”: “Hunter”,
“You were on a hunting trip in the woods, going after big game when the cataclysm hit.\nAs it happens, being away from civilization and armed is a good way to survive.”,
“points”: 3,
“items”: [“shotgun_s”, “shot_00”, “pants”, “boots”, “tshirt”, “vest”]

“Your a agent of ARON (Agent of Recon Omega Nega) your mission was to find a lab that had technology to stop the infection, your team was kill along with the organization. You are one of the last…/nYou start with basic ARON equipment.”,
“points”: 2,
“items”: [“top_tank”, “pants_cargo”, “boots”, “vest”, “rig_belt”, “coat_trench”, “socks”]

“ident”: “unemployed”,
“name”: “Unemployed”,
“They say you don’t have any ‘useful skills’, but at least your clothes fit\nwell.”,
“points”: 0,
“items”: [“jeans”, “tshirt”, “sneakers”]

“ident”: “labtech”,
“name”: “Lab Tech”,
“It was your first vist to the lab when the cataclysm hit. You were evacuated\nwith all the civilians, but at least you kept your gear.”,
“points”: 1,
“items”: [“shirt_dress”, “pants_dress”, “boots”, “coat_lab”, “gloves_rubber”, “glasses_saftey”]

“ident”: “mechanic”,
“name”: “Wannabe Mechanic”,
“Although you never got your driver’s license, you’ve always loved cars.\nYou start with a wrench, a toolbelt, and some car-related reading material.”,
“points”: 2,
“items”: [“tank_top”, “jeans”, “beltrig”, “wrench”, “mag_cars”, “manual_mechanics”]

“ident”: “smoker”,
“name”: “Chain Smoker”,
“Everyone at work knew you as the person who always had a cigarette or two\nin hand. Now, you’re down to a single pack, and you hope you find more soon.\nYou start out with a strong nicotine addiction, and 10 cigarettes.”,
“points”: -1,
“items”: [“pants”, “dress_shirt”, “dress_shoes”, “cig”]


Item idents are a bit of a mixed bag; some are of the style “pants_army”, some are of the style “tank_top”.

“pants_dress” should be “pants”; “top_tank” should be “tank_top”; “rig_belt” should be “beltrig”, “coat_trench” should be “trenchcoat”.

There might be more, but those are the ones I could spot immediately.

You’re also missing commas after the name and ident line for your ARON profession.

That “[” at the end of the file should be a “]”.

Ok I found out a way to do it by modfying the tailor profession with the source for cata and added clothes I wanted…

Do you guys know what I type for a FN P90 and its ammo?

Search through itypedef.cpp for “FN P90”, and find what it gives as the item identifier (in this case, “fn_p90”). Same procedure for the ammo.

P90 is “fn_p90”; ammo is “57mm”. Note that the stack size for 5.7x28mm ammo is 100; anything that includes that is likely a 4, or maybe 5 point profession.

He might not have the source files at all; it’s possible that he has downloaded a recent build.

He might not have the source files at all; it’s possible that he has downloaded a recent build.[/quote]

True. That’s part of why I look forward to items being pushed out to data files - so we can stop telling people to refer to arcane C++ files.

The source isn’t too hard to find, though. You can find the latest itypedef.cpp copy here, which should generally work for such things.

Thanks guys! Its working!