How to make a new profession?

so which file do I edit to create a new profession, i figure that should be within my abilities to code :P? of course I’m completely willing to provide them to the community when i figure it out xD

Open the “proffesions.json” file, found in “Data/raw”

Copy a whole profession; from bracket to bracket

Paste it in the same manner as the other professions

Make sure to change the id and name, and then you can add items as you will see.

Also there is a point cost option, as well as the info on your profession.

Fiddle around and experiment, it’s self explanatory, really.

Thanks, I tried it earlier but ever since I made it the game won’t launch so I’m. Guessing I made a type error.

If you want to copy your code and past it here and can look at it and tell you if you made any errors.
The correct formatting is a little odd, but it’s super easy to get used to. And all if not most of the json files work the same way, so once you master one you master them all.

I figured out the problem, there was a misplaced comma xD i had completely overlooked, i got them working now!