Adding mouse control to menus

how hard would it be to add mouse control to the ui

I bet most ppl will say “its easy, the problem is the time it takes”, but since i dont have any coding experience, im gonna bet its hard, since AFAIK even the mobile version (that has a touch screen to use) still uses buttons to play and navigate the ui (at least for what i have seen in some screenshots)

Ragno pretty much nailed it, it’s not hard so much as it would just be a lot of changes.

I don’t exactly, but there’s a probably a reason we can only use it for moving as of now.
After all from what i’ve heard programs that are more “text based” rather than using actual moving models usually rely on key presses, rather than being able to track mouse position.

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Go test and compare Neo Scavenger. BlueBottleGames lets you play a demo on the website. I helped get a few neat features added to that game too. The mouse clickety shtuff is nice as is the invetory system. Would be a trip to have something similar to that one day.

But I’d settle for every garment being a container. Outer clothing used as quick access and backpack being a catch all…I can dream :slight_smile:

I don’t think mouse control is very helpful in this sort of game. Just like in dwarf fortress, I feel like it doesn’t add much, but some new users will still gravitate towards it because they are afraid of using just the keyboard/are comfortable with the mouse. It feels super inefficient.

I’m not sure if some people use the mouse with the left hand, because you already have the right hand occupied with movement (be it form hjkl, arrow keys or numpad), so having to constantly take your right hand off the keyboard for the occasional click, and then back sounds tiresome. I guess you could make everything mouse based, but that sounds like a click fest, on top of not being very efficient. Maybe move the movement to the left hand, with the handful of shortcuts that you could still use, and make the mouse deal with the rest. I still feel like it would be quicker to get used to the keyboard in a couple of hours.

Just to clarify: This is just my thoughts on the feature. Giving more options for players is always a good thing.

I know this is a old topic, but I believe if mouse control was added it would bring in more players and/or adding a few different settings for key bindings instead of having a each player having to go into their key bindings and replace them. For example instead of having a player go in to change their movement keys, have a setting that replaces them to the more commonly used movement keys like wasd and have the keys they were tied to moved somewhere else. The current control scheme seems to be a bit overwhelming to people just getting into the game.

I think supporting mouse scroll actions would be cool, for a bunch of places. Like when you’re looking at an item description and you have to use sometimes < > and sometimes UPARROW / DNARROW or was it PGUP / PGDN ? Depending on where you are it seems to be a bit inconsistent. I’d love to have scroll wheel control for that.

Would also be cool for selecting an item from a long, long, list.

I’m not stopping anyone, but I don’t find “attracting new players” to be a source of motivation. Additionally, I don’t use a mouse, so making a good mouse oriented interface would be a ton of extra work for me.

More design-wise, you can’t turn a keyboard-oriented interface into a good mouse-oriented interface just by making clothing clickable. For it to be worth a damn, you have to overhaul the whole UI and ideally make changes to the game itself to make it work properly. This results in mouse oriented games having a narrower interface, and is definitely not something I have any interest in.