Mousing improvements

i think that since the ability to use mouse to move around it would be much better to be able to click on the prompts that frequently
make me have to take my hand off the mouse (Not so much a problem except i usually have to play with one hand with my baby in my other :P)

This could be a good idea! In fact, we should have even more “mouse stuff”. Like in DF, where you can click what you want to build, we should be able to click on, idk, the status bar and open the @ page. Etc…

We have a mouse stuff for the inventory yet?

No mouse/menu stuff is implemented, and I think mouse/menu stuff is harder than mouse/map things, though I could be wrong about that.
Planning on reintegrating the android build, this kind of thing might be very useful for that.

well mostly what i meant was using left click & right click for the Y/N Prompts because they pop up so often playing with the mouse is near impossible without using your other hand.
But I can wait for mouse related features because you guys are the ones doing the work and i got too lazy to study :stuck_out_tongue: stopped studying C++ Because it was to hard to figure out by myself.

making sure I have this right, you’d like to be able to left click when a Y/N popup is displayed to say “yes” and right-click to say “no”? sounds reasonable and simple to implement if so.

yes, because it would make life so much easier while holding my baby, its like playing with a splint haha, plus it would be much faster since its not to often i need other menus but everytime i step over a shrub or run into a monster being able to quickly get the prompts out of the way would be fantastic.