Problems with mouse binding and movement

Since I’ve updated to latest experimental releases I’m experiencing some issues on mouse movement. Suddenly I was no more able to move my character with traditional double left click.
Every time I use left mouse button my message log says that “mouse_left_pressed” is unknown.

Fine enough, I went to key bindings menu and tinkered with mouse controls.
“Select with mouse” is bound to “mouse_left” as default command but now the game detects all left button clicks as “mouse_left_pressed” so basically good old “mouse_left” is useless (or undetected).

So, I globally bound mouse selection to new “mouse_left_pressed” and now I’m able to move again BUT my character directly moves with just one click.
Nothing terrible, but I’d like to return to old two click movements.

Is there a way to got it back?

Thanks in advance.

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yeah you will have to go into “config” and then “keybindings” and fix it there
{ “id”: “MOUSE_MOVE”, “version”: 2, “category”: “DEFAULTMODE”, “is_user_created”: true, “bindings”: [ { “input_method”: “mouse”, “mod”: [ ], “key”: [ “MOUSE_MOVE” ] }, { “input_method”: “mouse”, “mod”: [ ], “key”: [ “MOUSE_LEFT_PRESSED” ] } ] },

{ “id”: “MOUSE_MOVE”, “version”: 2, “category”: “default”, “bindings”: [ { “input_method”: “mouse”, “mod”: [ ], “key”: [ “MOUSE_MOVE” ] } ] },

this should fix it

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Thanks, I’m on holiday now so I’ll try your solution as soon as I get back home.

I’ll let you know if it works.

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WEW, works like a charm. Thank you bro.

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