Cocaine withdrawal is killing me

The effects of withdrawal need to be seriously looked at. Due to my cocaine use, my character now has the Depressant effect at 151 power (and still rising), enough that I can’t breathe well and randomly pass out. Cocaine withdrawal does not do this.

Exhaustion makes sense. Physical fatigue makes sense. A huge morale hit makes sense. A depressant effect on the level of chugging several bottles of hard liquor does not make sense for coke withdrawals.

On the topic, how do I go about adding in a stimulant effect to counter the depressant so that these withdrawals don’t put my character into a coma, or preferably just remove the Depressant effect?

coffee should help get some stimulants in your system while if you want something stronger cocaine should help get rid of the withdrawal. Meth should be another strong stimulant that you could use.

“Hmm, how do I withdraw from cocaine?”
“Easy, pal! Just switch to meth!”


Welcome to cataclysm! :grin:

Cocaine isn’t actually addictive; not in the physical sense. You might get mentally hooked on the stuff but if you stop taking it the body won’t go through the painful withdrawal process associated with other drugs.

If CDDA wants to be realistic remove the ‘physical’ withdrawal symptoms entirely.


Turns out a few days of nothing but R&R solved the problem. I was worried because the last time I had Depressant effect that high (due to thinking a character could drink one entire glass of Cabernet Sauvignon) the character’s heart stopped in his sleep.

Point still remains. Drugs need a serious workover.