Finding a happy medium for screen size settings

Been looking aorund to find some info on screen size and all that, but everthing i find is from 13’.
After pissing around with the terminal width (238 (1904 pixels wide)) and Terminal height (67 (1072 pixels tall)) I find it to be a happy place for screen size . Alas, i would like the font a bit bigger, but ever time i got to change the fontdata.json in cataclysmdda-0.C-2834\data it stops loading.

Basicly, I want 1920x1080 fullscreen and like…one size font bigger, whilst maintaning my veiwing area.

Im super noob at this stuff so any detaild help would be nice. Thank you very much, in advance.

I’m not sure I understand your issue fully, but why not just use the Fullscreen option? I see you’re using thd tiles version where it is possible; just scroll down inside the settings menu (the same one where you chose terminal size) then use your favored Fullscreen mode (I prefer borderless window). Should work flawlessly, especially since you’ve got a 1080p resolution monitor like I do.

AFAI Understand the TS, he need bigger the fontsize.
and i will like bigger fonts too. i don’t like tileset-graphics but ASCII is too small for me. and i too - i have 1920x1080 display. i would like fontsize of 16 points.