Can't have increased height and width with fullscreen mode

I noticed that the full screen seems to look like it is zoomed in, so I changed the height and width to see if that makes the resolution better but it doesn’t opening, looks at the log it says this, JSON path set to [gfx/HoderTileset/tile_config.json]. TILESET path set to [gfx/HoderTileset/hodertiles.png]. Attempting to Load JSON file Tile Width: 16 Tile Height: 16 Tile Definitions: 1896 Attempting to Load Tileset file Buffer Surface-- Width: 368 Height: 816 Tiles Created: 1744 Attempting to Create Rotation Cache Tiles initialized successfully. Failed to create game window! mod_ui initialized
Edit: I almost forgot! This is the official 0.A release.

Well if you go fullscreen it probably doesn’t use the width and height settings (if it does, please pick a normal screen resolution like 800 x 600). There is a different zoom in function in the game.

Does this help?

Fullscreen mode will simply set your screen size to that of your terminal size. It’s up to your GPU drivers/monitor how that’s handled. In my case, nothing is stretched, but rather the window will be fit into the center of the screen.

Would probably be nice to have fullscreen mode automatically set terminal size to screen size, but this involves !!fun!! stuff like detecting possible monitor resolutions etc.